Together at shooting range – an idea for family trip?

There are no two ways about importance of spending some time together. Especially with growing children, who tend to spend their time with classmates instead of their folks. They have their world, their business to attend, their own activities. Sadly, hardly ever open for adults. Many propositions are often simply rejects. They are boooooring. Against all odds we should never give up and look for something to entertain our teenager. How about… shooting range?

Recreational shooting – activity for anyone
Shooting is constantly growing as popular sport. You do not have to participate in regular trainings. More and more shooting ranges are inviting people, who don’t have any experience, to try some recreational shooting range with qualified instructor. Finding such object should not come as a hard task, as we mentioned that popularity of those activities is growing every year. Thanks to that, nothing stand on your way to try your luck in shooting. It is worth knowing that participating in such offer does not require any experience, nor license. You can learn it all at one place.

Is shooting range appropriate for children?
Participation of children and teenagers is a bit controversial at times. Let’s start with the fact, that there are no laws that directly address this matter and the only limitation might be found on the shooting range itself. There are places that will not allow underage people to participate in their classes. Many places will require their parents to participate with them. Sometimes, written permission is enough. Many parents still have doubts about whether or not, contact with weapon will be healthy for their beloved ones.

Addressing this issue will require dividing by the age groups. Although you can find some video footage with small children shooting at the target, hardly anyone decides to do that at this point of their life. Psychologists are suggesting that it is worth waiting until the child is fully aware about consequences of using a weapon. Child has to differentiate fact from fiction. Therefore it is not recommended to organize shooting classes for children below the age of twelve. However, they can still participate in fun activities, preparing them for shooting range – paintball for example.

What about teenagers?
There are no studies showing the correlation between participation in shooting classes with increased aggression levels of children, which is the thing that most parents are afraid of the most. On the contrary – handling the weapons and right attitude will teach them some responsibility – in comparison to shooting on the screens of their computers. There is nothing but advantages for a growing teenager to find on the shooting range. Recreational shooting might start a true passion in the future, perhaps merging his or hers life with adequate sport activities or job?
Therefore family trips to shooting ranges are great idea for spending some time with children. It is not only an attraction for a teenagers, but also a way to strengthen the relationships on this difficult stage of their life. And who knows? Maybe few weekends will start a passion for the whole family? Even if not we can guarantee a lot of good memories and stories to remember!