Israelian submachine gun - UZI

Israelian submachine gun UZI is easly one of the most popular guns in the world. Most of us know it from action movies. It is also a common thing to see it in hand of most popular actors. The history of this weapon began at the beginning of 50s in Palestine. That’s where Glass family ran from Germany. Already in 1936 they knew that it is literally impossible to live in the country ruled by Nazis. As we all know, they were right and therefore made the best possible decision.


According to the custom, after coming to Palestine, Jew had to receive new name and surname. Born in Germany, in 1923 Gotthardt Glass became known as Uziel Gal. He could not suspect that his name will be shortly known to every firearm enthusiast in the world. For the time being, young Uziel, was just another one of such enthusiasts as many of his teenage friends. He was trying his best at constructions, starting his journey with crossbows. As eighteen years old man he joined para-military organisation – Hagana. His passion and abilities quickly drew attention and Uziel became a weaponsmith in no time.


His passion towards guns lead him to prison as various drawings and blueprints of rifles and pistoles where found on him, which became the principal of his arrestment. When suffering prison for his crimes, he was taking advantage of education programs for prisoners. He mastered the basics of mechanics, which would be very useful in his later works.


In time he was involved in military career, at the same time cultivating his passion as constructor. During his time in officer school, he was still working on submachine gun. Talented student was quickly recognised by the company known as Military Industries. It’s where he was continuing to create his submachine gun, which was designed to be used in Israel by Israelian army, which till this time was using foreign solutions. He achieved success and in 1956, the mass production of israelian submachine gun began. The name of this weapon was obviously derived from the name of it’s inventor. Soon, UZI would be known in entire world and would be widely used in many armies and countries.


What are the advantages of this weapon? UZI submachine gun has relatively long barrel which translates into the velocity of the round, Bullet is shot with initial velocity of over four hundred meters per second and the energy of 640 KJ. 9x19 Parabellum bullets are being used in UZI. It is a automatic-semiautomatic weapon capable of using both singular fire and larger bursts. It is also known for it’s reliability challenged only by AK-47/ The construction of this submachine gun allows it to be used in almost any condition. It was at the time of it’s creation a fundamental issue. For example, UZI had to be used in desert conditions. Where many weapons were known to fail and stutter due to the san, UZI was performing well.


Because of those advantages UZI quickly became export product of Israel, arming many armies and organizations around the globe. It made it’s way to many special forces due to it’s efficiency in short and middle distances. In 1982 Mini UZI was created. In 2004 the history of UZI had ended, for the sake of more emergent weaponry, however it is one of the most iconic weapon up until this day.