Need idea for a gift? Shooting range is a way to go!

What should I buy for a gift? More and more we are giving nice present boxes with simple envelope inside. No, it’s not about money. Nowadays, it’s all about vouchers, which allow to use various attractions. Long story short - life experiences, instead of objects. Minimalism is fashionable nowadays, that’s as simple as it gets. We have noticed that we flooded by things. Growing is the number of people declaring that they don’t need another objects. On the contrary – they are overweight by them. There are ecological arguments as well – everything has to become a waste with certain amount of time. Additionally in the world of endless consumption, it is difficult to choose a thing, that would permanently please that gifted person.

It is quite different with unforgettable events. There are plenty of companies on the market that allow you to buy a voucher, for example to ride a tank, spend your evening in SPA, or in other places – possibilities seem endless. Going on the shooting range with additional shooting packet is one great idea to spend some time. This kind of offer you can find, for example, in Cracow Shooting Academy, which happily invites everyone to spend their vouchers on their shooting range in Pasternik, located near Cracow.

Shooting packet – who to gift with?
Shooting packet obviously stand for a great gift for every military lover and sports maniac. Stereotypically shooting is associated with men’s activity and quite often those gifts are advertised as such. It is, however, just a stereotype worth abandoning. Who said, that woman cannot have fun on shooting range? It is worth remembering, that shooting is a very democratic sport – there are no limitations based on age, sex, nor physical requirements that you have to meet. Everyone can try his best against the shooting target. Going to the shooting range together is also a great idea for a date.

How to buy a shooting package for a gift?
In Cracow Shooting Academy you can buy any shooting package in form of a gift voucher. Price depends on the amount of shots and different kinds of weaponry used during the event. For the simples package consisting of thirty shots you will pay only 120 PLN. It is worth knowing, that instructor’s care is included in price, as well as protective gear: headphones and safe glasses. Of course, you are able to design your own packages, to configure it for the greatest gift ever!

How to use such gift?
To use shooting voucher, firstly you have to book a date on the shooting range – it is important, because only then we are sure that there will be free stations and instructors for you. At the place we are starting with meeting with instructor and preliminary training. It focuses mainly on the safety rules when handling the weapon – it is exceptionally important. Additionally instructor shows you how to work with aiming equipment, how to hold your gun and maintaining shooting stance. Thanks to that, even a person that completely lack any experience can stand in front of shooting target. Obviously good results come with practice, however it is not a rare occasion, that someone finds out great talent inside, and keeps coming back later. Overall you can always expect that such gift will guarantee memorable, and emotional afternoon.