Hen night at the shooting range – why not!

To organize an original hen night is to take many challenges head on. Best maid, which traditionally has to take responsibility has to involve few parameters: liking of future bride, likings of invited guests and element of pleasant surprise. It is quite lame nowadays to just invite everyone to one big party. Few years ago, maybe, such costume party with erotically shaped cake involved would be a blast. More like dozen actually. Anyway, now they seem banal and cheap. So, what’s the real solution to make a hen night emotional and unforgettable?
Best way to make that happen is to merge good fun with an idea. It’s the kind of party that has more to it than some dance and few drinks. Growing popularity seems to lie within evenings in SPA, mystical events, theme oriented camps etc. It is fashionable now to make a photo session or learn something, like cooking or bartending during such party. AS it is the hen night after all, they are mainly women oriented attractions. However, what about abandoning stereotypes and going the other way. How about exchanging nail painting for… assault rifles?
Hen night at shooting range is a party, that will stay within memories of every and each participant. It is mainly exquisite, as we are commonly associating men with shooting. And, who is actually saying that women cannot have fun on the shooting range? Especially knowing that softer sex has a tendency to achieve great results. Besides, shooting is just all about huge dose of adrenaline and interesting idea for spending some time together.

How to organize hen night at shooting range?
First of all you have to find one, that will help organize such event. It should not stand out as huge problem, as many shooting ranges is merging such activities with standard offers. In Cracow you can enjoy propositions prepared by Cracow Shooting Academy, which organizes different kinds of parties on big, well equipped shooting range located in Pasternik. It is worth noting that employees of the company have great experience at such projects, so they will help you organizing such party to fit perfectly into your day.
How does it look, to have a hen party at a shooting range? First of all, you have to declare the number of participants and buy suitable shooting packages for every one of them. In Cracow Shooting Academy, simplest package consists of thirty shots, with three different kinds of weapon (ten shots each). It costs roughly 120 PLN. It stand for a good beginner package. It is worth thinking about buying bigger package for a bride-to-be. You can also design your own packages, as Cracow Shooting Academy has various different kinds of weapon for you to choose and try for yourself.

How does it look to have a hen party at a shooting range?
You don’t need to have any type of experience with guns at all. From the beginning to the end, qualified instructor are taking care of you. First stage is strictly theoretical. Safety rules, weapon maintenance, shooting stance, holding a weapon etc. There are basics, but you will soon see, that they are enough to start your adventure and use bought packets.
As a part of hen night you might want to choose your shooting queen – give her a certificate, maybe some special gifts. What’s next? You can simply leave our shooting range to have some more fun, or stay for the night, enjoying the booze, view and special place for campsite, as long as the weather will allow to have fun outside. One is inevitable – great, memorable evening.