17th-22nd Sept


David Bowie is many things to many people. Gateway to the avant-garde, pioneer of artrock and sexual ambiguity. Wearer of masks, musician, actor, comedian and fashion icon.

Beyond mere idolatry, fan art shows the audience as participators in a creative exchange, each bringing their own identities, experiences and desires into play. Certainly few other modern artists can claim to such a cultural ripple effect, whether it be the New Romantics of the 80s, acolyte Britpop bands of the 90s or modern pop, including Lady Gaga, whose branding owes much to Bowie’s cross-cultural transgressions in the 1970s and beyond.

With Bowie’s return this year, and a timely retrospective ‘David Bowie Is’ at the V&A, a new generation of fans have been inspired to pick up pens, paintbrushes and plectrums.

The V&A exhibition set a challenge – if Bowie is a catalyst for art, the obscure and he new, where next for this creative exchange? As such, the works in this exhibition are merely a microcosm, a ripple, and a love-letter from myself to an artist who continues to challenge.

Here are we. One magical moment. We Are Bowie.


Stephen Collings, Cyril Crentsil, Joseph Kelly, Philip Collings, Joe Wakeman, Jak Flash, Morgan Howell, Incwel, David Collings, Andrew Scaife, Stanley Chow, James George

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