Looking for an idea on the interesting party? Throw it at the shooting range!

Organising business parties is already a tradition to many companies. Company meetings outside of the office is a great opportunity to so-called team building. There are also an excellent form of bonus, for example after the end of the year, or after finishing important project. Company parties can be also connected to anniversaries. The purpose is, however, always the same: better integrity of staff and good fun. For those to be realised, company party has to be well planned. Times, when every event was an attraction on itself are long gone. Nowadays, employees are definitely more demanding, expecting their company to surprise and otherwise entertain them, the way that is not present every day. Hence, the growing popularity of organising company parties in non-typical places. We are suggesting, that such places could include shooting range.


Why is it worth to throw your party at shooting range?

First of all, because for many people that will be something totally new, and therefore interesting, so we are meeting the main condition of a good integrational party. Besides, shooting is a sport that is not demanding great stamina, strength or general athletics and thanks to that it can be tried by everyone. It is important, as such event should be easily accessible to everyone, who want to participate, especially elderly and physically ill employees of the company. Additionally no experience is required, as everyone is training and shooting in company of qualified instructor, who will show the principles of activity. Shooting is also allowing everyone to compete on two different levels: within themselves for better proficiency and amongst each other, comparing the scores and finding the winner of the event.


Besides, when it comes to integrity and team building, it is basically worthy to let our employees meet in different environment than the office. And this is where shooting shines. Especially because good scores can be achieved by everyone and often this will be the person least expected to do so. Humble accountant may become the king of the hill!


How exactly does it look like?

The exact program of the event is discussed with the organising company. It is always worth choosing experienced one, for a example Cracow Shooting Academy, which invites for the plethora of different kinds of events at their shooting range located on the outskirts of Cracow, in Pasternik. Thanks to that experience, we can expect that everything will be perfectly prepared for us and some scenarios will be ready to pick up or adapt for anyone’s purposes and depending on the number of participants and budget.


Everyone will be met by an instructor who will introduce basics and principals regarding firearms, including shooting, aiming and maintaining proper stance. Proper protection is guaranteed by professional glasses and ANS headphones. After the theory, everyone is approaching shooting stations to test their new knowledge in practice. The number of shots and types of guns depend on the bought shooting packages, and can include everything from basic pistols to sniper rifles, so it can be personalised in case of enthusiast amongst the participants.