Weekend on the shooting range – best for stressed

One could say, that shooting became a new hobby in Poland. The number of people interested in weaponry and shooting sports is growing each year. It is visible in many cases. For example, according to data coming directly from police department, the number of growing weapon license applications (and valid permitions) is getting higher every year. Therefore, the number of weapons acquired by Polish people grows as well. Actually, there are plenty of such, growing numbers. More shooting ranges, more people interested in working for military, working in historical reconstruction or otherwise connected organizations. Putting it simply – shooting is there to stay.
Maybe you are actually wondering if that’s something for you? Are you thinking what’s so special about this, that it attracts that many people? Well – go and find out!

Shooting range for beginners
If you want to try your skill in shooting, there are many weapon packages you can buy and try, to learn this sport with professional instructor at your service. This is possible, for example at Cracow Shooting Academy. This organization has huge and perfectly equipped place to start, located in Pasternik, near Cracow. You will find many shooting stations, dedicated to 25 or 50 meters, to try simple bullet shooting or you can try elite range for advanced sharpshooters. You can try some recreational shooting, which simply means that you are buying a packet (instructor service included).
This means that anyone can try this hobby for himself, even lacing previous experience with any weaponry or that kind of sport. How does it look like? After arriving at shooting range, you are meeting with instructor, that informs you about rules you will be following while spending time in the place. It is worthy to treat it seriously, not only because breaking the rules means you are out, but because of the safety of anyone around. Instructor will also teach you about safe maintenance of the weapon and will show you the way to use it: how to hold a pistol, how to aim and shoot, to reach the target. After preliminary instructions you are ready to go on the shooting station and try your newly acquired skills. The number of shots and kind of weapon you will be shooting with depends on the packet you are buying.

Why is it worth to visit a shooting range?
After the first visit many people are telling us, that shooting is quite a relaxing experience for them and helps reducing the stress. It may seem odd, after all holding any weapon stands for adrenaline shot in common thinking. However! Adrenaline and strong emotions are there for sure, yet when they are gone, we are more relaxed, quiet and the stress of the day is long gone by then. There is a simple explanation for that process. Shooting requires concentration. To maintain it we need to focus, quiet our thoughts. We are focusing our sight on our weaponry equipment. We must cut off anything else. Keep our breath steady, calm it. That brings our body to a different state. Sort of meditational one.
That’s why regular trainings on the shooting range are tempting proposition for anyone with stressful job, regular problems and overall stress. Shooting training are great solution. Additionally, anyone who works in dynamic environment will accept it better that for example breathing techniques for calm state. Here, everything is natural. There aren’t many sports that can connect such opposites successfully.